Youth Players

The Selects’ football program places great emphasis on practice hours, as well as film study and a low coach-to-player ratio.  While the travel events that highlight our programs are amazing experiences for our young players, our belief is that it is the fifty plus hours of practice and instruction that sets our program apart from all others.

As a philosophy, we believe that football knowledge is football knowledge, and it is to be shared through all age groups.  Largely, our schemes and techniques that are taught to our varsity players are virtually analogous to that which are taught to our 10U athletes.  By placing junior, college, and professional caliber players and coaches throughout all teams, we ensure consistent coaching habits and philosophies.

Athletes from a young age will not only experience a trip of a lifetime with the Selects’ program, but they will also learn crucial technical movements and terms, mixed with an introduction and understanding of how to analyze and break down film, which will give them an incredible advantage for the rest of their football careers.  Each year, by participating in the immense amount of field time that takes place though the winter months, when the majority of athletes are pursuing other athletic endeavors, your child will be setting an unparalleled foundation that will see him or her maximize their potential as a football player.