Travel Teams

Who we are

  • We are the Selects Football Full Contact Training & Development Program
  • We are passionate about your success as an elite football player


What we will do for you

  • We fill in the gaps necessary to optimize your positional training an development skills, placing you on the path to become a more well-rounded football player
  • You will be exposed to a program like no other. Saskatchewan football players are among the best in the country.  If you think you have what it takes to get to the next level, compete to be a Selects player.


What you will get

  • Long term athlete development, starting with over 50 hours of elite coaching instruction and training
  • Speed and strength development
  • Access to game highlights
  • Academic guidance
  • Access to physical therapy, medical staff, nutrition counselling, and sports psychology sessions
  • Guest speakers including college and professional coaches
  • Opportunities for inter-provincial and international comeptetion


How to become a part of Selects Football

  • Register for the 2021 Selection Camp at the link above
  • Cost for Selection Camp: $140 for one-day camp Aug. 2, 2021 or $285 for 2-day overnight camp July 24-25 for players born 2012 through 2007 or July 26-27 for players born 2004 through 2007.  (players born in 2007 can attend either camp)
  • For questions, email:


Program Pricing:

  • Travel team player: $1925.00
  • Limited positions open for players that wish to train but not travel


Payment plans available, extensive fundraising options provided