“What sets the Sask Selects program apart from others I have seen is a greater focus on fundamental skills over the Xs and Os of the game. Also coaches are hand picked not only for their knowledge, but also their passion for the game. The payoff is the opportunity to travel to the U.S. to play four-down football against elite American teams. The ultimate goal of the program is to develop fundamental skills, build the love of the sport, create a family atmosphere, and increase the exposure of Canadian players for greater opportunities in post secondary football within the country and abroad”

- Addison Richards, 11th overall pick in 2015 CFL Draft (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

“I had the great fortune of being involved in the Selects program on two different levels, first as a coaching assistant and secondly as a father to one of the kids.

I have been coaching football at both the minor and High School level for the past 14 years and as such thought that I had learned all I possibly could about the sport of football. After spending one off season at the Selects camp, I initially felt like a rookie coach all over again and over the course of the winter I learned more then I had in all my previous years.

My son was a mere eight years old and at first, he was overwhelmed with the passion, focus and intensity of the coaches.He quickly learned from them what was requiredto be successful in the sport of football and hopes to continue his involvement with the program for many years to come.

I am a very big advocate to any and all who may ask me what this program would offer their child. As a football coach, at all levels, the results and growth from the Selects players is always evident in those on our teams as well as our opponents.

I do not know if you will ever meet a man more passionate about football and their players then Zeljko Stefanovic and his crew.

Thanks guys for helping to restore my passion for football and I hope for my son and myself to stay involved with your program for many years to come.”

- Matt Nicholson, Defensive Coordinator Swift Current Comp Colts

“The reason I started to play for theSask Selects Football Program was my desire to be on a team that can help set me apart both on and off the field.After joining, I realized that I was amongst a very talented coaching staff.I now believe the Sask Selects has one of the best coaching staff anywhere. No other program I am aware of has this level of focus on development. I have been a part of the program for four years and it’s one of the best decisions I have made.”

- Jake Farrell, 12U QB, Sask Selects

“The Selects football program has helped me develop a greater understanding of the important aspects of football. The Selects has helped me become a better leader,improved my skills as a receiver and as a football player in general. I like the intensity of the program and coaches. They provide experience and are serious about the game. I have enjoyed getting to play in different places and at a more competitive level of football.”

- Kenton Appel, 12U WR, Sask Selects