Parents, please read carefully and entirely – this is very important

Over the last several weeks, I have been speaking with a company from the U.S. called Q30 Innovations. They were introduced to me by one of the parents, Brian Kelly from Prince Albert, Varsity RB Keegan Kelly’s dad.

As you probably know, the most common attempt to reduce head injuries to date—including concussions—has been the use of helmets. However, helmets do not prevent the movement of the brain within the skull, also known as “brain slosh.” Rapid acceleration and deceleration movement of the brain leads to the twisting and tearing of neurons, which is the cause of concussions and TBI. 

So, Q30 Innovations has taken a different approach and looked at the solution from inside the body.  It designed and developed the Q-Collar—a lightweight device worn externally around the neck—to help address the TBI (traumatic brain injury) problem. The Q-Collar is designed to apply a specific amount of compressive force to the muscles around the internal jugular veins that leads to a temporary increase in intracranial blood volume.  It is believed that this increase in blood volume caused by the Q-Collar may reduce the ability of the brain to slosh inside the skull when exposed to sports-related impacts.

The company has sponsored over 20 pre-clinical and clinical research studies over the past five years to ensure the Q-Collar is safe, does not impede athlete performance and is effective.  Study after study, including with approximately 500 high school athletes in the US, has shown the collar is safe, has no side effects and helps protect athletes’ brains against sport-related impacts.  

Some of the Q-Collar research has been completed with elite athletes performing at the highest levels including the NFL, NCAA and Olympics. The Q-Collar is approved for sale by Health Canada and is officially launching here in a few months.  The Q-Collar has not yet received clearance for sale in the United States, but the company expects to file its application to the FDA this spring/ 

Following discussions with Q30 Innovations, we agreed to do some pre-launch testing with the Q-Collar in a real game environment. 

The Selects 14U and Varsity teams will be the first football team at any level in Canada to wear the Q-Collar in practices and games over the next several weeks. Once the tournament is over we will give the collars back.  Q30 representatives will be in San Antonio, at the tournament, to answer any questions, and speak to any of the parents interested in getting additional information about the product.  They would also like for us to set up a focus group of parents and players interested in participating in providing feedback in this final stage of market testing and development. 

Q30 is sending us 100 collars scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, Feb 5th. We will have them for our Feb 9th and 10th weekend of practices. We have measured all the 14U and Varsity players’ neck circumferences at practice, and each will be given a collar accordingly. We would love to see 100% compliance in wearing the device at practice as it will take a little bit of time to get used to the sensation. We will speak to the players about this at practice.

Parents, please note we are one of the only youth sports organizations in the country that has a medical team capable of undertaking this task.  We will make sure that all the players are safe and monitored throughout the entire process.

I believe that we need to make every possible effort to protect our boys and girls throughout their athletic careers –  our program has always  been known for being at the forefront of any new technology that has come out, and we truly believe the Q-Collar has no downside and the upside may be groundbreaking for our athletes’ health.  

Please take a minute and visit the Q30 website to learn a bit more about the product.

The collars will be made available to our 14U and varsity teams free of charge.  Please make sure that the boys do not lose their collars as we are expected to return all 100 test collars after the tournament. 

I will speak to the boys about this at practice this weekend.   If any parents would like to discuss this, please track me down this weekend.  

 Coach Z