Inside Run


All inside run games will be played at the Regina Sports Performance Centre, (1464 Broadway Avenue, Regina, Sask.)


Inside Run Rules

This league is designed and created to allow players to practice their blocking and running schemes, as well as defensive players to practice their run defensive schemes.  This is full equipment, full tackle league.  THE QB IS LIVE!  NO RED JERSEY FOR QB.

The Field

  • The field of play is 40 yards long, 25 yards wide, the end zone is 5 yards
  • Out of bounds will be clearly marked
  • First down markers will be at the 30 yard line, 20 yard line and goal line.
  • Offensive team will start at 40 yard line and work their way towards the end zone.
  • If outdoors only one game per side can be played starting at the 40 yards line so 2 games per full size field
  • All Canadian amateur football rules for fields will apply

Rules of Play and Scoring

  • Coin toss will determine who starts on Offence,
  • Team on offence will begin at 40 yard line at centre of field.
  • There are no hash marks, ball will always return to centre of field
  • Cones will denote first down markers, if allowed, home team will supply ball and down marker


  • 6 points will be awarded for a TD
  • 1 point will be awarded for a convert from the 1 yard line
  • 2 points will be awarded for a convert from the 5 yard line
  • 2 points will be awarded for a defensive stop/turnover
  • 3 points will be awarded for a turnover caused by a recovered fumble by defense


  • Team will have no more than 8 players on the field
  • It will consist of 5 down linemen, 3 back
  • These may consist of 1 QB, 2 back, or a variation thereof, can also be 5 down linemen, 1 H back, 1 RB. Or 5 down linemen 1 TE, one H back and a running QB, or a variation thereof
  • Regardless of variation each team must have 5 down offensive linemen,
  • If a team is using a blocking back, that player must have an eligible number
  • QB, is a live player, the QB can run with the ball,
  • The QB cannot throw the ball.
  • There are no lateral passes, or overhand/overhead QB passes behind the line of scrimmage,
  • The only pass allowed is an underhand, or toss or pitch inside the tackle box, (shovel pass/pitch)
  • Stretch plays, that will go outside the tackle box will be a toss or pitch as per normal rules of play.
  • Pulling offensive linemen are allowed



  • 8 players will be allowed on defence
  • There are no limits on down linemen or defensive formations
  • A team can have 5 down linemen and 3 LB or a variations thereof.
  • A team can have 4 down linemen, 3 LB and a safety.
  • A down linemen cannot lineup any wider than 1 yard outside of the tackle or TE


  • The clock will be a running clock of two(2) 25 minute halves
  • Half time will be 10 min
  • The last two minutes of the game will be stop time
  • Each team will have 25 seconds to run a play once the ball is spotted and the official blows the play in.
  • Each team will have 2 time-outs per game. If a team does not use their time out in the first half their time out can be carried to the second half.
  • The clock will stop for an injury
  • The clock will stop for a time out


  • All Canadian amateur football rules and regulations that relate to penalties will apply, we will make changes to penalties as we move through the season.
  • If a penalty occurs while the offence is on the 40 yard line and cannot be moved back a loss of down will automatically occur.