High School Players

Why is it that we see a disproportionate number of American players in professional leagues across both the CFL and the NFL?

Why does one think that the Canadian quarterback may be at a disadvantage in comparison to his American counterpart?

The Selects Football Program believes that the answer lies in the availability of resources that many Canadian players are not exposed to; primarily year-round coaching and field time.  With fifty plus hours of practice time throughout the winter months, high-school athletes will be constantly exposed to hours of repetitions transcending all facets of the game.

The university and professional level coaching ensures an environment that is rich in football knowledge and experience.  In addition, the athletes will be exposed to nutritional seminars as well motivational and mental awareness seminars.

The film study sessions will teach players the necessary skills of watching and breaking down individual play, as well as team play.  Many athletes enter a university program having no knowledge of how to properly treat their bodies, or how to maximize their preparation through individual film sessions. The Selects Football Program believes strongly in developing all facets of an athlete, and our second-to-none preparation, paired with tournaments to showcase and display those skills against a very high level of competition, will maximize the potential of all athletes that choose to walk through our doors.