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Athletic Scholarships: Simple facts and some myths regarding post-secondary student athletes. As many of you may recently have heard, we have been helping some of our players get scholarships to play at the college level. We truly believe that the logical next step for our program is to help the kids get to the next level. We have partnered with Chris Enrico, formerly of Texas Preps and now with Selects CA recruiting to help Selects players who are committed to playing university football achieve their goals.

For many of you who are looking at either Canada or the U.S., there are many aspects to consider. We can help guide you through all the steps. Here are several things to consider when you are discussing possible university choices.

We currently have 46 former Selects players playing at either the Canadian University level or junior football in Canada.

Athletic scholarships for football in Canada, U Sports is the governing athletic body for football in Canadian universities. There are currently 27 universities with football programs and they compete in 4 athletic conferences. Once a player graduates from high school in Canada, they have 7 years to participate in University Sports. They can play 5 years of football and have 2 red shirt years. A U Sports’ football player can be on a team’s roster for 7 years. Alternatively, a player can play junior football for 3 years and play University football for 4 years. Maximum age for Junior football is 21 years old. Some players can play Junior football for 4 years if they meet the age requirement and play their last 3 years in university if they qualify.

Contrary to popular belief, Canadian Universities do not offer “full-ride” scholarships. The maximum a student athlete can receive in Canada is tuition and fees. This, of course, varies widely across Canada, so U Sports has capped athletic scholarships to $5,500 in all provinces except in Ontario where it is capped at $4,500.

Schools are allowed a certain number of scholarship that they will then divide amongst all players. For example, 43 scholarships are divided between 95 players. Latest U Sports numbers suggest that the average Canada West athletic scholarship was $1,400.00. Some players may get the full amount and some players may get $500.00. Considering that some teams charge players fees of $400.00 to $750.00 per player, it actually ends up costing some players to play collegiate sports.

Canadian universities are also not allowed to pay for meals, unless it’s on game day or travelling to games or during spring and fall camps. A player will receive a “per diem” for away games to pay for certain expenses while travelling.

Canadian universities are not allowed to pay for residence or for housing. Some players will choose to live with teammates in a house off campus, but the cost of the house and all associated expenses are the responsibility of the players.

Transportation to and from the school and parking are not covered by the school, as well as books and any additional fees are not covered by the school or the team.

Some schools may offer players an opportunity to get additional funds based on their performance. For example, if the player dresses and contributes they will get an additional $1,000, If a player makes the travelling roster he may get an additional $1,000, if a player starts then that player may get an additional $2,000. These amounts can still not exceed the maximum allowable of tuition and fees for the year. Most first year players will “redshirt.” They will only be allowed to dress and see limited playing time in one game. This is certainly not a bad thing.

U.S. athletic scholarships are a much different story. NCAA is the governing body for college/university athletics in the US. There are several divisions of NCAA, but for football there are Div 1, 2 and 3 colleges. The Division 1 schools are divided into FBS and FCS, and the biggest difference between these two levels is the amount of athletic scholarships they are allowed to give out. FBS schools are allowed to give out 85 full scholarships and FCS are allowed to give out 63 full scholarships.

A “full ride” scholarship in the US covers pretty much all associated costs for school, boarding, residence and some travelling costs. All costs for football are covered. The value of the scholarship is based on the attending school. Many universities in the U.S. are private schools with very little federal and/or state funding and those scholarships can be worth as much as $125,000 US per year. On average, a Div 1 scholarship is approx. $30,000-$40,000 per year.

In order to be eligible for an NCAA scholarship or a U Sport scholarship, there are many hoops to go through. NCAA regulations are very strict and are very restrictive on the schools.

If you would like additional information on how we can help; please send us an email at or call Zeljko 306-690-7810

For the first time in our program’s seven-year history, the Selects are proud to announce our Selects CA Program, which will begin with our 2018-19 season.

Our multi-level second to none recruiting program, available for athletes in grades 9 through 11, will improve an athlete’s chance of receiving post-secondary interest from many different angles. We also offer a special program designed for seniors entering grade 12. At Selects football, we believe in a well-rounded approach to the development of our athletes. Once registered, the athlete will give his future goals to the program advisor, from there, the advisor will work very closely with the athlete to develop a second-to-none program that includes not only a nutritional plan paired with a training program, but also a recruiting coordinator based on the individual’s specific goals. Our recruiting coordinators are experienced, reputable professionals, who have an immense amount of personal relationships with many NCAA Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 schools across the United States, as well as U Sports schools across Canada.

There are many aspects to an athlete signing at a top school in Canada or the United states; it takes much more than performing well in games. Each year, only two-percent of high school athletes in the United States are given athletic scholarships to an NCAA school. While some are able to achieve this feat simply by performing well in a large metropolitan, football-rich area, others are given a geographical disadvantage in that games and practices lack the attendance of college scouts.


  • Selects CA Recruiting will analyze the academic circumstances of the athlete and analyze the legitimate opportunities available as well as an athlete’s maximum scholarship potential.
  • Most athletes know, but perhaps do not completely accept, the reality that college coaches will look at grades first to make sure the athlete qualifies academically before they even evaluate athletic ability.
  • If an athlete’s grades are low, it is important to address this as early as possible in order to work to get the GPA to an acceptable level. The earlier the athlete addresses this, the easier it is. For some athletes, college may not be a viable option, and in this case there are other options that can be explored as well.
  • At Selects CA Recruiting, we provide our athletes with SAT and ACT support.


Many athletes lack proper instruction and direction in the kitchen. In today’s society, we are vastly uneducated or simply misinformed about what needs to be consumed in order to achieve the maximum performance our body can muster. After the athlete has submitted his or her goals to our advisors, we will calculate the appropriate macronutrients for the athlete, as well as give some basic recipes that can be made simply day in and day out.
While this will increase performance on the field, teaching a young athlete the value of nutrition will create an amazing foundation of good habitual eating. Nutrition is a way of life and Selects CA Recruiting offers athletes a way to set their lives on the right path from a very early stage.

Training program:
Paired with our nutrition program, the athlete will also be given a professional level training program. We are very lucky to have an array of professional strength and conditioning coaches within our ranks. With their combined expertise, we have designed a training program that will not only improve the athletes strength, speed, and power on the field, but will also give them a great introduction to collegiate level training.
Many athletes, upon entering university, opt to take a red shirt year to better gather themselves as an athlete. For many, the reason for this is lack of size or strength. While a collegiate weight training program will no doubt aid in the improvement of athletic ability, it is imperative that the movements and ideologies within the programs are not new to the individual. Many are lost upon setting foot for the first time into a collegiate weight room. The Selects’ training program, paired with our nutritional advice, will change that. It is not enough to simply be recruited by a team, we all must work to gain an advantage over our peers, in the hopes that we can achieve the level of excellence we are capable of.

Exposure is an athlete’s biggest ally in the pursuit of earning athletic scholarships. Not only is it important to create and send out film to hundreds of colleges, but it is important that the athlete’s skillset is properly demonstrated in an effective manor to the coaches once they sit down to watch the film. Coaches are given hours and hours of game film to cipher through. They will watch hundreds of players in one position alone. At Selects CA Recruiting, we do not only send film in to coaches, we ensure the film that is being sent in will stand out. Through a collaborated selection process between us and the athletes, we will ensure the highlights on the film are those which best exemplify the athlete’s talents. Next, we will cut the film to make it efficient and to the point. Once created, and reviewed by the athlete, we will send it off to hundreds of schools.

Much like our well-rounded approach in developing athletes, Selects CA Recruits takes the same approach in ensuring our athletes are noticed and given a fair opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is not enough to test well, and have great film. Due to the immensely large sample size of players, it is a commonality that great talent simply goes unnoticed.
Thankfully, Selects CA Recruiting has an answer to this problem. Our recruiting coordinators ensure constant communication with U Sports and NCAA schools. If an athlete is not awarded an athletic scholarship, by no means will it be due to lack of awareness from coaches. Our coordinators will fight hard to bring attention to our athletes so that their hard work and dedication will be seen by as many schools as possible.

How to Get Started

  • Register at no cost by e-mailing Selects CA Recruiting below
  • The professionals at Selects CA Recruiting will evaluate the athlete’s potential and present suggestions or options for the athlete to set realistic goals.
  • Once the athlete’s goals are determined, optional plans will be presented and Selects Recruiting CA will work one-on-one with families of each qualified student athlete to ensure goals are attainable.

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