NFL Pool Tickets 

This fundraiser is being offered by the Regina Thunder.  Sealed tickets are sold for $20 each.  After paying for the ticket, the purchaser will open it to reveal the three teams they have been given per week. An example is as follows:

Week 1:  IND-NE-SF


Week 3: NE-OAK-PHI

Week 4: PIT-DAL-SF

And so on, through week 17.  The rules are as follows:  Each week, add the total points scored for the 3 teams listed for that week.  The ticket with the highest “points for” will win that week’s first prize, next highest points totals will determine the subsequent prize winners that week.  Each week the following prizes are awarded: First place $500, Second place $100, Third Place $50, Fourth Place $40, Fifth Place $30, Last Place $20

Note:  A tie in any given week will use points for minus point against to determine a winner between all tied tickets.  If one of your 3 teams has a bye for the week, use the score from that team’s previous game.

Selects’ members receive $5 per ticket sold which goes into their player account as a credit for balances owing, or as a refundable credit to be used for program expenses and tournament travel.  Tickets are available now.

Air Canada Travel Voucher Raffle
This fundraiser is back by popular demand.  This year, it is being sponsored by the First Down Football Foundation.  The prize is a $2500 Air Canada Travel Voucher.  Tickets sell for $10 each, and Selects’ members receive a $7 credit per ticket sold, which goes to their player account.  Tickets are issued in booklets of 10.

Old Dutch Chip Hampers
Also back by request.  We are running this fundraiser in advance of the August long weekend.  This is an easy sell.  The chip hampers sell for $20.00, which is less than retail value.  Each hamper includes the following:

  • 2 x 220g Box Chips
  • 1 x 245g Arriba Nacho
  • 1 x 290g Crunchy’s
  • 1 x 175g Popcorn Twist
  • 1 x 280g Party Mix

Players will make $4 for each hamper they sell.

Sobey’s / Safeway’s Gift Cards 
This is a great fundraiser that does not cost anyone.  Gift cards are sold in a variety of denominations, which will be indicated on the order form you receive when you sign up for the fundraiser.  Gift cards can be used at any Sobey’s or Safeway’s location in Saskatchewan, but not for the liquor stores or gas stations.  The cards keep a running balance so that they can be used for more than one purchase.  There is not a lot of money to be made per sale, so the idea is to sell in bulk.  You are not asking anyone for anything if they usually shop at Safeway’s or Sobey’s, since they pay face value on the card.  Players receive 4.5% of sales towards their player account.

The cut off for sales is Sept. 7th, and cards will be received 4-8 working days after that.

Partnership Program 
Invite a local business, or one run by family or friends, to visit our webpage “Our Partners”.  A business may contribute to the partnership program on your behalf.  If so, 60% of the funds contributed will go towards your player account, up to a maximum of $600 per partner.  If a business is contributing on your behalf, please notify us at

To sign up for one of our fundraising events or request more information, please contact our fundraising committee.

Request Information on Fundraising