Should you wish to expand all facets of your game, and improve yourself as a player and all-around athlete, the Selects’ program has the best resources of any off-season program in Western Canada at your disposal.  While our club’s history is relatively new, through recruitment of top-tier coaches from the Junior, USport and CFL level, we ensure that each athlete who steps onto the turf for our sessions is exposed to the best of the best.  In addition, many of our coaches are past players.  Not only are you given the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in Canadian football, you are also given advice from those who have experienced years of play time at an elite level.  Nowhere else will you find an opportunity like the Selects Football Program.  We pride ourselves in our transcending ideology, in that all age groups are taught similar techniques.  If you are ten years old and are stepping on the football field as a first-year players, or if you are a high-school senior who has dreams of one day playing professionally, the Selects Program will not differentiate.  All age groups are given professional coaching, laying a solid foundation that will maximize the chance for success at all levels.

The Selects Football Program places great emphasis on the fifty plus hours of practice time offered to our athletes.  We believe it is this that sets our program apart from all others.  Because of our focus on practice, we work each year to give you the best available coaching.  We look hard to find the best coaches from all levels of football, be it youth, high school, junior, USport, and the professional levels.  Throughout the years, we have been fortunate enough to have coaches such as Barron Miles (Edmonton Eskimos), Khari Jones (Montreal Allouettes), Marlon Davies (NFL), Addison Richards (CFL), Tevaughn Campbell (CFL), Matt Sheridan (CFL), Ryan Gottselig (CFL), Joel Lipinski (CFL), Greg Nesbitt (U of R Rams), Paul Dawson (U of A Golden Bears), Derek Lamer (U of R Rams), and many more. In addition, with our great relationship with our provincial-level football coaches and our amazing commitment from junior and USport players, we are able to provide tremendous coaching experience to our Selects players.

Selects Football has been running since 2012, when it started with a group of 31 12U players.  Selects Football in Saskatchewan now has a membership group of over 200 players and  also close to 100 players in Manitoba.

Any player who has had at least one season of football is welcome to attend the Evaluation Camp in November.  It is unlikely that players younger than 8 years old will be selected for a travelling team, but there is value in attending the camp as players receive 8-10 hours of skills and drills from high level coaches.

Each year we will base our age groups on those set by the tournament we will be attending over the February break in the current program year.  Since we do not always attend the same tournament, our age groups may vary slightly from year to year, but will always be specified in the registration package.

The number of players trying out vary greatly by age group and also from year to year.  You can expect to see anywhere from 50 players to over 100 vying for a spot on a roster.

At Selects Football, we believe that young athletes should have the chance to improve their skills if they are motivated to do so, and that all young athletes develop at a different rate.  A player who struggles at age 9 or 10 may be the superstar at the varsity age group.  For this reason, we like to provide training opportunities for as many young athletes as we are able to handle.  We do face some restrictions based on time and space logistics.  Due to the cost of travel, as a program we do not wish to travel too many players, or some will not see field time.  For that reason, we offer training opportunities for our two youngest age groups throughout the winter.  These players must still go through the Evaluation Camp process and demonstrate that they are coachable, motivated to learn, and able to make it through several sessions of football over one weekend.  Players who fit into this category but are not selected for the travel roster will be offered a spot in the winter program, and will compete with their teammates in the Selects Bowl in January against teams from neighbouring provinces.  Some of the younger players will not be ready for the program, but we will provide them encouragement and advice on how to prepare for the next year.  For the older teams, limited practice spots will be offered.

We plan for roster sizes around 40 players.  Depending on the number of games we expect at the tournament in February, we will vary this number slightly.

The Selects’ season begins with the Evaluation Camp in November of each year.  For this year, the camp will be held at the Moose Jaw Yara Centre November 17th and 18th  2018 for all age groups.  The program culminates with the practices and the tournament in the U.S. in February.  For this season, the players will travel to San Antonio, Texas, and  practice Feb. 20th-22nd and participate in the International Pigskin Tournament Feb. 23rd-24th, 2019.

For players in Minor football programs, they will normally be able to rent or borrow equipment from the program they are currently in.  For high school players, you will normally be able to rent or borrow from your high school program.  For any players who are unable to secure equipment through one of these avenues, please notify us when you register, and we will make arrangements for your equipment needs.  All players should have their own cleats and mouthguard, and we recommend that they have their own girdle.

New for 2018-19, we are working with the First Down Football Foundation, and through this we will try to help as many players as we can who are unable to afford the fees.  At Selects Football, we offer an extensive fundraising plan as well.  Between possible aid from Jump Start for Kids, KidSport, the First Down Football Foundation and Selects Football fundraising, any player who wishes to be part of the program should be able to do so.  We work closely with those players that are in need of assistance, and these efforts are confidential.  There are instructions on how to apply for assistance through the registration process.