7 On 7

WHAT IS 7-ON-7 FOOTBALL?                  

  • It’s similar to what you would see during a regular-season game, but the game is stripped down. Players don’t wear pads and there is no offensive or defensive lines. Offensive players are considered down when they are touched below the neck by a defender.
  • 7-on-7 is something you can set up at practice during the season to work on your team’s passing game
  • Players can wear their team helmets, team jerseys and shorts.
  • The game is played from the 40-yard line going into the end zone. Please visit the Selects rules of 7 on 7 below.
  • 2 games can be played concurrently going opposite directions.
  • Once the QB removes the ball from the QB tee, an automated timer will start and the QB has 3 seconds to throw the ball; once the 3 seconds elapse the buzzer will “go off” and the play is dead.



  • Any high school team in the province of Saskatchewan
  • Any team meeting the age and grade requirements – you don’t have to be part of a high school team.
  • Players interested in either playing 7v7 on a competitive travel team in the fall/winter of 2021 and the spring of 2022 or as part of a league in the spring of 2022 should enter their information at the link above:  application for 7v7, or contact Deb – deb@selectsfootball.com
  • Selects Football 7v7 teams will attend 3 to 4 interprovincial tournaments and Nationals in a calendar year, and potentially 1 tournament in the U.S.


  1. Maximum of 20 players per team.
  2. Age Divisions: High School Varsity (gr. 11,12); Junior Varsity (gr. 9 ,10); 12U (gr. 6-8)
  3. The age cut off date for each age division is Dec 31st. If a player turns a year older before Dec of the tournament year, he cannot exceed specified age bracket.
  4. Maximum of 4 Coaches allowed on the sideline during game.
  5. All players will wear their own team uniforms – Jerseys must have numbers.
  6. Players are permitted to wear standard football cleats with plastic or rubber spikes.
  7. Players may not wear jewelry or hats during game play (Exception-QB can wear hat instead of helmet, but would be ineligible to pursue defender in case of interception) See Below

10.Helmets and mouthpieces are mandatory and must be worn at all times during play. Helmets must be fully fastened during play and mouthpieces in, or the player can be removed from the field until he is in compliance. Non-Compliance can result in loss of down or play.


  1. Each team is permitted a maximum of 4 Coaches on the sideline during game.
  2. Coaches must have all registration, releases and associated paperwork properly filled out and turned in at the appropriate times. It is the Coaches responsibility to know all of his players and ages.
  3. The 4 Coaches have free gate entry at the event & will be given a wristband which must be worn for the entire event.
  4. One Offensive Coach is allowed on the field and in the huddle with players, for first 2 games of the season only – but must be a minimum of 5 yards behind Quarterback before ball is snapped so he does not interfere with game play or Referee.
  5. Defensive Coaches are not allowed on the field at any time.
  6. Coaches are responsible for knowing all rules and educating their players on the rules & conduct.
  7. Coaches are responsible for maintaining their sideline.
  8. Any Coach, Player or Person that is overly aggressive, threatens, or uses physical force towards Referee, Staff Member, Coach, Player or Spectator will be removed from the event venue and not be allowed to return. Selects Football reserves the right to review incident and allow return of Coach / Person the following day.


  1. Each game will have a minimum of (2) officials. There will be a Head Referee/ Field Judge and a Back Judge.
  2. Head Referee/Field Judge will keep the 3 second clock and the back judge will keep game time.
  3. Head Referee will keep score, sign card, and turn into Field Manager after each game.
  4. A Field Manager will be on-site to assist with crowd, player, coaches, and referees.
  5. Officials and Field Managers should always keep the games flowing and clean as per rules.


  1. 6 Points for a touchdown
  2. 1 Point for a PAT from 3 yard line.
  3. 2 Points for a PAT from 10 yard line
  4. 2 Points for a Defensive Stop on downs
  5. 2 Points for a Safety
  6. 3 Points for Interception
  7. 6 Points for Interception Return For TD

Points for a defensive stop and interception are NOT added together b.3 points for interception are not added to the 6 if returned for score

  1. 0 Points for turnover on a PAT – It is dead ball
  2. Official score will be kept by Head Referee


  1. All games are 25 minute running clock.
  2. There is no overtime in pool play
  3. Teams must be ready to start games on time. If team is not ready to start or not there when Referee is ready, the Referee will start the game clock and award the present team 2 points. If the team is not there after 5 minutes has elapsed the Referee will call the game a forfeit and the present team will receive 6 points. Present team will win the forfeited game 8-0
  4. There is 1 (30 second) timeout per team (During Bracket Play Only)
  5. Overtime – Bracket Play Only
  6. Higher seeded team will choose Offense or Defense on 1st OT a. Each team will have 3 plays from the 10 yard line to score.
  7. 2nd Overtime the choice of Offense or Defense goes to lower seed. Each team will have 3 plays from the 10 yard line to score.
  8. If after 2 overtimes it is still tied, each team will get 1 play from the 40 and the team that produces the most yardage off of that play will win. 3rd OT The higher seed will choose to play Offense or Defense first.
  9. Each team is awarded 1(30 second) timeout during overtime (Not 1 per overtime)

10.Overtime periods are not timed.


  1. Field will be 40-50 yards in length with 25 yard deep End Zone
  2. Play begins on the 40 and right hash. 25 & 10 are the first down lines.
  3. There are no 4 downs. Offense has 3 plays to gain a 1st down at the following lines to gain (25 & 10) and a Touchdown at the Goal Line. (3 Downs In All Zones)
  4. Pool Play – Teams will flip for choice of starting on offense or defense.
  5. Bracket Play – Higher seed gets choice of starting on offense or defense.
  6. Ball will always start on the right hash on the 40 yard line.
  7. Ball will be spotted on the closest hash or side where play was stopped.
  8. Ball will be placed in the middle of field for PAT attempt.
  9. The Center/QB will be responsible for setting the ball at line of scrimmage. The Center is not an eligible receiver, but can tag a defender that has made and interception (Center must have mouthpiece and helmet (strapped) to be an eligible participant)

10.QB must take a direct snap from Center or QB Tee from the 40 (shotgun snap from the 40 yard line is not allowed)

11.All offensive formations must be legal sets and respect the tackle box (3 yards).

12.There has to be a WR on each side of the ball that is on the line.

13.No Kicking or Punting.

14.No Blitzing.

15.Quarterback cannot run with ball.

16.No Handoffs.

17.No Blocking.

18.Receiver/Ball carrier is legally down when touched below the neck with one or Two hands. (Excessive force or shoving will not be tolerated and will be penalized with automatic first down and 5 yards. A player can be ejected from the game if ruled Unsportsmanlike or Flagrant)

19.Fumbles are dead balls at the spot with the last team retaining possession. A fumbled snap is not a dead ball, but the 4 second remains in effect.

20.The Quarterback is allowed 4.0 seconds to throw the ball. Time starts on the snap of the ball and stops on the Quarterbacks release. If the release is under 4.0 seconds the play stands, but if the release is after 4.0 seconds the play is no good.

21.Interceptions can be returned.

22.If the defense scores on an interception there Offense will then come on the field to attempt the extra point. The team that threw the interception will then get the ball on Offense at the 40.

23.Offense player is not allowed to shove a Defensive player to create separation. Hand fighting is tolerated as per Referee’s judgment.

24.Defensive player is allowed to jam within 5 yards and play tight defense. However, excessive holding, shoving, hands to the face, slapping head or throwing a player down will not be tolerated.

25.Ball Size for High School & 15u Division is official Collegiate/High School

26.Ball Size for 14u is Youth

27.Ball Size for 12u and 10u is Junior

28.Ball Size for 8u is Pee Wee


No penalty may be assessed in excess of the 40 yard line. If a penalty would move the Offense beyond The 40 yard line, the Offensive team will only be charged with loss of down.

  1. Off-sides = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down
  2. False Start = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down
  3. Illegal Formation = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down
  4. Illegal Shift = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down
  5. Illegal Motion = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down
  6. Delay of Game = 5 yard Penalty Repeat Down a.Offense will have 25 seconds to snap the ball once it has been marked for play and blown live. Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the previous spot or the new line of scrimmage.
  7. Blocking is not allowed and will result in loss of down and return to previous spot.
  8. Pass Interference = Return to previous spot and Loss of Down. (Receivers cannot shove defenders to create space)
  9. Unsportsmanlike or Unnecessary Roughness = 15 yard Penalty

10.Excessive Celebration = Not allowed and will be a 15 yard Penalty. If this occurs during extra point attempt the extra point will not count and 15 yards will be assessed towards your Defense.


  1. Off-sides = 5 yard penalty
  2. Defensive Holding = 5 yard penalty & repeat down
  3. Face Guarding is allowed.
  4. Defensive Pass Interference = 15 yard penalty & 1st. If Pass Interference occurs in the End Zone it will result in a 1st down and ball will be placed on the 1 yard line.
  5. Illegal Participation (Extra men on the field) = 15 yard Penalty
  6. Unsportsmanlike or Unnecessary Roughness = 15 yard Penalty 7. Excessive Celebration = Will not be tolerated and will result in 15 yard penalty 8. Any dead ball penalty on the defense that occurs after a change of possession will result in a loss of down for that’s team offense when they begin their ensuing possession. 9. Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense. The defense is allowed initial disruption and Then must cover. Excessive or prolonged contact will result in a “tack on” penalty of 5 yards at the end of the play.

TIEBREAKERS If teams are tied at the end of Pool Play the tiebreaker order is as follows

  1. Pool Play Record
  2. Point Differential
  3. Points Allowed
  4. Points Scored
  5. Head To Head
  6. Coin Flip


  1. If during a game a Coach disagrees with an official’s judgment call, they MAY NOT dispute that call with the Referee as it is a judgment call.
  2. If during game play a Coach disagrees with a rules interpretation they MAY REQUEST the Referee stop the game clock to discuss and determine Rule issue with Referee and Field Manager.
  3. To dispute a game the Head Coach must report all game play ruling discrepancies immediately after the end of the effected game to the Head Referee and Field Manager in order to be considered. REQUEST MAY BE GRANTED OR DENIED.
  4. Any reversal or game-changing decisions will be made at the discretion of the Directors after all information is reviewed.
  5. Coaches of both teams involved in the dispute will be made aware of any changes.


  1. All Coaches and Players are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner and refrain from unsportsmanlike actions.
  2. Fighting, Verbal Abuse, and/or Threats will not be tolerated and will result in removal from Event. Length of suspension will be determined by Tournament Director.
  3. No taunting or excessive foul language.
  4. Teams are responsible for cleaning their trash on their sideline.
  5. No vandalism of venue property.
  6. Weapons, drugs, alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco products are PROHIBITED at our events.



  1. Once Pool Games begin on Saturday there will be no full refunds on entry fees. Please see the following scenarios below:
  2. If there is a rainout prior to Bracket Play or during Pool Play we will process prorated refunds.
  3. If there is a weather delay during Pool Play and play resumes, but your team left your Games will be forfeited and no refund will be given.
  4. If Bracket Play begins and then gets rained out there will be no refunds, top 4 seeded teams qualify for Nationals

(there will be no paid bid awarded), trophy Goes to top seed.